A Professional Tenant Representation Firm

San Diego Tenant Advisory, Inc.

We help business owners by guiding them through every aspect of the commercial real estate leasing process.  Our goal with every one of our assignments is to obtain the best deal possible for our clients while also ensuring their peace of mind.  

San Diego Tenant Advisory, Inc. is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in representing Tenants and Users of commercial space.  More than that, however, we are just as interested in negotiating a successful outcome on your behalf as you are.  Our drive comes from being able to see the satisfaction on the faces of our clients.  We don't represent the interests of the Landlord, just the Tenant, the one who ultimately pays the rent.  Landlords are more focused than ever on driving property values and increasing profit.  Their profits are derived from the income they obtain through Tenant rental payments.  So, it stands to reason that they want to increase those payments as much as possible, while also limiting other economic concessions.  If not properly represented, the Tenant may get taken advantage of in this system.  That's where we come in.           

We are a Professional Tenant Representation Firm who not only ensures that our clients don't pay too much rent, but we also take the time to prepare for and address the remainder of the negotiation thoroughly enough to make sure that our clients are getting the best overall terms possible - every time.  We cover all of the details in each leasing negotiation to make sure your interests are protected before you even occupy the space.  If you are already in your preferred location, and we're negotiating a renewal on your behalf, we make sure to address each and every deficiency of your current lease document - things that might not have been addressed properly in the past.  Our expertise is derived from having been inside the landlord huddle for over 20 years.       

This unique perspective allows our clients to negotiate from a position of confidence.  Landlords have advisors.  Tenants should, too.  In fact, it is more important than ever for Tenants to have someone dedicated to negotiating on their behalf.  In today's Commercial Real Estate marketplace, every penny counts to the Landlord.  They have teams of analysts who are dedicated to figuring out ways to maximize the income on their properties - all to the detriment of the Customer.  If not protected by a Professional, you could stand to lose more than you could imagine.  Who better to have on your team than a former landlord?  Someone who knows what to look for, who knows the market, who has strategic relationships, and someone who has the insight to advise and represent you every step of the way.    

At San Diego Tenant Advisory, our passion lies in creating a successful outcome for our clients.  While your real estate decisions may only be one piece of the puzzle that constitutes your business, they are an important piece.  Your location, your ability to recruit and retain talent, and your peace of mind about your lease document are critically important things that shouldn't consume your time and energy as you try to run your business.  These are only a few of the many things that San Diego Tenant Advisory will gladly coordinate  for you - providing you with the freedom to focus on your business and what you do best.    

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