Real Estate Advisory

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Real Estate Advisory Based on Your Needs and Goals

Our Commercial Tenant Representation business is focused on the fundamentals in a strategic fashion.    

We are in the business of thoughtfully, patiently and professionally advising and representing our clients when it comes to their use of real estate; whether that entails negotiating a new lease, a lease extension, a sublease, or whatever the need might be.

We've seen them all, and we're ready to assist.  No agenda and no distractions.

Tenant Representation

San Diego Tenant Advisory is a stand-alone Commercial Tenant Representation Firm, thereby completely eliminating the traditional Conflict-of-Interest that is inherent in a larger Corporate Brokerage Firm.  We don't represent landlords, we don't have landlord brokers on the other side of the office, and our sole commitment is to our tenant clients.  Period.  

First and foremost, we take the time needed to understand your goals.  Then we create a personalized strategy designed to meet those goals.  We also make sure to point out any and all possible issues that arise in every real estate transaction - and how to actually utilize those items to your benefit.    

We understand that no two deals are the same.  Your deal is what is most important to you - and to us.  We find the best location for you, your company and your employees.  The right location can make all of the difference, from employee retention, to morale, to product viability and so forth.  Then we get to work, thoroughly negotiating on your behalf, in order to make sure your perfect location doesn't cost more than it should.    

Some of our services include:

  • Current space utilization analysis 
  • Space need projections (type of space, size, layout, etc..)
  • Space design input
  • Market survey (finding the perfect geographical location, building-type, and space)
  • Tour coordination
  • Strategy Design and Advisory Services designed to get the most out of your negotiation
  • Document preparation
  • Financial comparison
  • EXPERT transaction negotiation - including the deal economics and the language included in the lease document
  • Execution - making sure everyone does what they say they are going to do
  • Follow-up and ongoing partnership - in the event that something comes up after the lease is signed.

We also spend time on the details - things like:

  • Showing up for each and every space tour (rather than just having the doors unlocked) - you'd be surprised how much is learned while walking the property   
  • Preparing personalized documents, tailored for your specific needs
  • Asking important questions of the landlord's broker, so that we are able to understand what we may be getting our clients into for the next 5 - 10 years
  • Being in the meetings with you and the building's architect for space planning
  • Reviewing the pricing of any proposed improvements

One-on-One Consultation

Maybe you aren't in a position to negotiate a deal right now, but you'd like to talk to a professional about certain real estate-related concerns. Maybe something has happened within your organization and you simply need some advice?  Or, maybe you're interested in discussing some ideas you have because your business needs are changing?  We are happy to assist, whatever it might be.  Contact San Diego Tenant Advisory today to request a personalized, one-on-one consultation to address your needs.